Rogue Horology was established to fulfill the need for affordable and well-built toolwatches. We are a collective of seasoned designers, makers and brand-owners, who set out creating daily-beaters for our own use, as well as our budding collector friends who are new to the hobby. Rogue Horology operates on a no-nonsense business model, creating watches which are of actual usability and durability.


All Type 1s are currently on a limited time period sale, in association with some video releases by our favourite reviewers. Prices will revert soon to full MSRP, so grab yours today!



The Rogue Horology Type 1 Diver was conceptualised to tick all the boxes as a daily beater. Functional, rugged, yet retaining a sleek silhouette, the Type 1 was designed to fit most wrist sizes (and look good on them). Featuring a reliable automatic mechanical movement, and paired with a class-leading stainless steel bracelet, the Type 1 is perfect for the budding horologist, or an established collector looking for that daily piece.


  • Nothing Fancy.

    Rogue Horology was intended to create mechanical watches which will stand the test of daily-wear, and to age/patina gracefully as soulful timepieces do.

  • Affordable Pricing

    In an era where entry-level watches are priced to the sky, we strive to bring back a sense of affordability, which nothing priced above $500, with the best materials in the class.

  • Free Shipping

    Complimentary insured shipping included with the price of every watch, so you need not worry about extra charges. We work with the best shipping company in our nation to achieve this.



The Type 1 was guided by a set of principles during its creation:

1 - Legibility: Each Type 1 Diver features over-sized, applied indices with high relief, and filled with the industry standard Swiss SuperLuminova BGW9 lume.

2 - Tool-ish Elegance: A rugged aesthetic, paired with tone-on-tone hand-finished cases.

3 - Performance-oriented Component Design: Whatever should work, must work, and well. A smooth and precise bezel operation, easy-operation screw-down crown with integrated crown-guards, and a movement which will stand the test of time.


A bracelet which blows similarly-priced competition out of the water. Built with surgical-grade steel, and zero hollow parts, the proprietary Type 1 bracelet is a beads-of-rice design styled after distinctive vintage tool watches of yore.

Screw-in links ensure easy sizing, with no easy-to-lose collars and pins to worry about.

Complete 316L steel components, with no filler metal, to ensure longevity of use.

Shorter links to ensure sizing ease, with 4x micro-adjustments to maximise sizing precision.